Is all in. No second thoughts. No half measures. ALL in.

It is the jump off the bungy platform. Once launched, you cannot unlaunch.

The preparation towards making a commitment is where the questions are asked and answered. You do not ask the bungee cord on the way down if it can carry your weight.

A solid commitment is based on asking questions and finding resolution in their answers. This can and usually does include sense-making that might not fit the bucket of rational but does weave together a lifetime of experience.

Do not dismiss feelings or hunches. Interrogate those. Ask for feedback from trusted advisors who would be comfortable speaking to you of your blind spots and stubbornness.

When everything is aligned, when there is an absolute yes, then step forward into the commitment, steady and strong in your decision.

When we do this, when we truly commit, the field in which we stand registers our change towards the commitment and responds with feedback and support.

Half measures, wishes and dreams without aligned action do not move the field. 

Commitment is the start. Once taken, the field will give you heed as to the appropriate direction of your committed choice. Attenuated to the field, the path will be revealed.

Wisdom is knowing when to stay true, against the odds. Or when to step back or change course.

At the point of commitment, be all in. Anything else is wishes, dreams and hopes.

October 17th 2019

Photo taken October 17th, 2019