Communication is the response we get

As a writer I love words. I love the thought that words can be combined in a way that conveys a message with elegant simplicity.

“There is some kiss we want with the whole of our lives.” Rumi

A long time ago a friend kindly pointed out my lack of clarity expressed through my rambling dispersed with lots of um’s and ah’s. 

I have always spoken out loud my thinking as a method of refinement and discernment. There are times for the rambling. 

Yet I also hear myself when my words rise from the core of my being and become a transmission. All um’s and ah’s gone. 

If we practise listening to ourselves we can hear our own confusion or clarity. We can hear the difference between speaking as a transmission and speaking as a way of figuring things out.

When we are part of a collective, unless permission has been asked for and granted, to ramble on and on is a form of disrespect. 

It is also an indication of our own lack of self-discipline and empathy towards those we are subjecting to our rambling.

What are we seeking to say? How can that be said in a way that invites others on the journey? How do we respect others in the way we speak?

Communication is the response we get. 

Photo taken July 8th 2021 

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