Compromise or Resolution

Compromise- to release, let go – towards a mutual decision 

Resolution- solving from a firmly held position

To compromise we need to give up. 

To resolve we need to solve for.

It is a very subtle but significant distinction.

Is what I am giving up of importance to me? My principles, for example? My integrity?

Or is what I am giving up insignificant in the larger scheme of my life? The habit that might need to be disintegrated?

Resolution is an act of seeking to solve. It might ask of us to seek an unknown path, to reach a higher and as yet unseen perspective. It invites the commitment of all parties to stay in the conversation, seeking the overarching purpose/solution that enables all participants to feel mutually respected.

In the field of the complex human relational terrain, knowing the difference in moments of intersection of opinion is valuable.

Is compromise required, or do we seek resolution?

April 26th 2019

Photo taken April 26th, 2019