Conformity enforcers

We have wild, chaotic, untrammelled.

We have tight, brittle, fragile.

We have the uncontained entrepreneurial spirit, absent discipline.

And the safety and security of certainty.

The tension between is the field of creativity. Not too tight to snuff out emergence. Not too loose to become ephemeral and diffuse.

To go into nature is to evoke our wild. To care for the safety of a child, ours or our inner one, is to seek discipline and boundaries.

Both are essential to existence.

The conformity enforcers seek to have us all be same same. To colour between the lines. To be entirely predictable. To work as machines for a world of machines.

Is the wild calling you to the edge, or do you need to pull back from the edge and find discipline?

July 5th 2019

Photo taken July 5th, 2019