Confront the truth of our abundant Universe

The energy income from the sun every day is far more than we humans could ever use. 

There is no scarcity of energy. 

In 1961 when JFK announced a mission to the moon and back, this feat was achieved within the decade using less technology than every one of us holds in our hands when we call a friend. 

There is no scarcity of innovation.

Australia is one of the biggest gas producers in the world. Yet we are suffering a gas shortage. Not because we do not have gas, but because that gas is ‘owned’ by foreign companies making a ‘killing’ from the spike in gas prices on the global market. 

Australia doesn’t have a gas shortage.

The world produces more food than we could eat.

There is no scarcity of food.

We live in a world that currently willfully chooses to incentivise profit maximisation and power accumulation in the hands of the few at the cost of everyone else and our planet’s future. 

Change is needed. First, we must confront the truth of our abundant Universe, putting aside the lies and protections, the system and structures that uphold the current system.

Call them out. Take a stand. No more passive observing from the sidelines. 

Photo taken June 15th 2022