Confrontation is a powerful antidote

Sometimes, I look up and my heart breaks with despair. How is it possible for humans to be so cruel? How is it possible for companies to be so greedy? How is it possible for people to be spellcast by narcissism and vainglory?

I have to remind myself again and again, that I have, in every moment, a choice.

I can get lost in the bitter of what we have created. A world rapidly spinning towards extinction, a single brake of any consequence yet to be applied.

Or I can build better. Focus on what we can do. Build models and maps that demonstrate a different way.

Look. Here! This is possible. 

I must not refuse to confront the nasty, as to not know the ground from which extinction is born is to perhaps repeat the same mistakes.

Confrontation is a powerful antidote.

But the addiction to staying in the fracas of hate and greed, to disintegrate my focus to a diminished game, is to be part of the problem I seek to change. 

If we are at an intersection requiring considered choice – let love, care, kindness, integrity and dignity be the guides. 

*In Australia, our referendum to include the First Nations people’s Voice in our Constitution happens next week. It is such a simple choice, respecting 65,000 years of wisdom and giving those people affected a say in how to close the terrible gap in life expectancy, health, addiction, and violence that has affected them. Yes is a vote for love, kindness, respect and dignity. If you are in the No camp, please consider if this choice includes a charge of righteous indignation. Where there is a charge, there is something unreconciled. 


Photo Taken October 7th  2023