Confusion between the desire to grow and the need to move

Our addiction to growth in the domains of profit, money, accumulation, likes, connections…is a form of poverty of being. Growth of matter and things to feed an endless scarcity in our inner world of self-regard and worth, and to deny our interconnectivity and interdependence.

Growth in the exterior world of matter and things exists in context and is a phase in a cycle, rather than a forever state. Our current system demands it be a forever state, which is impossible on a finite planet.

Growth in the interior world, the world of values, emotions, culture, community, is part of a cycle of emergence and development. Growth of love only begets more love. 

Understanding the phase of growth that an enterprise is in and the ability to re-direct that growth from the need to increase profit endlessly and instead to direct the growth to areas where regeneration is possible, to the development of people, cultures and community…or new expressions of the enterprise that is Syntropic, speaks to a steward leader who has a commitment to a world that works for all.

Movement on the other hand is necessary to sustain life. Rest is required as part of the cycle, but movement, emergence, growth of the capabilities and capacities towards an eternally regenerative Universe is a condition of life.

An enterprise that does not embrace movement, change and emergence in a world of accelerated acceleration is decay in lag.

November 16th 2019

Photo taken November 16th, 2019