Connection is the ground for me

Utility or connection

In an initial conversation with another, I realised that we were both present for different reasons. She was seeking utility. How could I add specific use to her life and work?

I was seeking connection. Did we have a place to meet where we held common ground, where our values and harmonics resonated?

As a result we missed arriving at either utility or connection.

I left the conversation feeling flat.

Connection is the ground for me. I want to feel the pulse of another’s heartbeat, their care, and the reasons why they place their feet on the floor each day.

If connection is established, utility may emerge from the field.

If I do not like this person enough to have them be part of my life for the next 30 years, why would I consider engaging in a business or personal relationship?

April 26th 2018


Photo Taken March 3rd 2017


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