…(all the history prior too)….and then a person in a position of great power and privilege decides that it is acceptable to assassinate a foreign general in a third party nation citing some story, unavailable for scrutiny by the public and without going through the checks and balances of government…that this act prevented many of his own country people’s deaths…

…at the funeral of the general, nearly 60 people get crushed to death…

…and this country…now on edge…mistakenly shoots down a civilian plane killing just under 180 people…

For what? Are we safer? Is the world better?

Those people, now dead, what contribution would their lives have made to our world? 

We will never know.

Is this story over?

Heartbreaking…we know the answer is no…this story is far from done.

Every act, every breath, every kiss…has a consequence.

It is time, truly, that we are held to account for our actions, that we hold others to account.

January 10th 2020

Photo taken January 10th 2020