Considering education

It might be time to ask the question, “What is the purpose of education?”

And is the education system we have now serving our current and future purpose as humans in Universe?

Our model of education was designed to create a workforce that would ensure growth in the economy. We speak of jobs as the highest standard of a healthy economy. At some stage in the future we will look back at the majority of jobs as time-wasting, creativity destroying, soul breaking towards the production of zero real value that forwards humanity’s healthy wellbeing and future.

What would an education system look like that was designed to enable the fullest expression of a child’s unique Pattern Integrity in service to all of life thriving?

If we want a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures, we need to rethink everything.

Education, work, real value, intrinsic value of every human, productivity, governance, how we co-ordinate people to unlock their synergistic potential, the economy, what we measure, what it means to be a citizen, how we care for and value the commons…

You and I both know that the greatest loss in our lives is the inability for us as individuals and the collective to be able to bring our whole value to our work as we co-create a more beautiful world.

How do we educate for that?

Photo taken July 12th, 2020