Constantly learning never arriving

In my youth, wrapped in a new age blanket, I thought being enlightened was the destination.

Enlightenment was a status symbol. A ‘look at me.’

The irony was that my quest for enlightenment was a quest to be better than, superior. That darsted pedestal.

Enlightenment is not a place to arrive. It is an ever-unfolding wack on the back of the head by Universe, humiliating experience. 

The path involves constantly being reduced to no-thingness. 

I have no interest in enlightenment. I am deeply invested in learning, self-reflection, self-awareness and humility.

The pain of being brought to our knees, literally and figuratively, is a place I would rather not return to. Given this, I am ever mindful to bow in humility, in not knowing, in having my righteous indignation moments wack me over the head. Reminders that, while all of us have beautiful unique skills and perspectives, all of us have the same intrinsic value. No pedestals. 

Constantly learning, never arriving is my joy of being alive.

Photo Taken June 23rd 2023