Consulting and Coaching


To create or re-engineer a Syntropic Enterprise


Read the Trust Manifesto for High performance teams

A One Day Strategy Session

Unplanning Obsolescence


Team Coherence

Accountability and self responsibility

Practical. Rigorous. No BS. 

 *ONLINE, over three days. 2:5 hours per day.

Bring the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass in House

Not sure? Attend an Alumni + Open call

Four day intensive


Four days. Between 6 and 20 people. Off site.

Or four weeks, 2 hours a day, four days a week ONLINE.

Go back to basics. Know your purpose. Establish your Vector of Power and Pattern Integrity.

Step into the future.


Move towards Syntopy. Become agile. Resilent + Diverse.

Lead change for a world with a future.

Book Christine to Speak at your event

Two day retreat

Executive Team or CEO

A facilitated experience that brings clarity, objectivity, fortitutde.

Make the hard decisions. 

Feel into the edges of the future.

Don’t be left behind

Syntropic Sprint

Business Reimagined

Syntropy + Exponential Technology

Maintain the Core Business while stepping into the edge of the near future.

Build for change. Be prepared. 

Create a culture of edge thinkers and do-ers.

If not? Will your business be relevant in five years?

Syntropic Stewardship Coaching

One-to-One Programs

Develope your Steward Leadership capacity

Create self managed deliberately developmental high functioning teams

Apply the principles of Syntropic Enterprise

Discuss strategy, evolve communication skills

Become a better human, parent, partner, citizen

The greatest exponential technology is thoughtfully designed human relationships

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