Consulting and Coaching


To create or re-engineer a Syntropic Enterprise


Read the Trust Manifesto for High performance teams

A One Day Strategy Session




Team Coherence

Accountability and self responsibility

Practical. Rigorous. No BS. 

 *ONLINE, over three days. 2:5 hours per day.

Bring the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass in House

Not sure? Attend an Alumni + Open call

Four day intensive


Four days. Between 6 and 20 people. Off site.

Or four weeks, 2 hours a day, four days a week ONLINE.

Go back to basics. Know your purpose. Establish your Vector of Power and Pattern Integrity.

Step into the future.


Move towards Syntopy. Become agile. Resilent + Diverse.

Lead change for a world with a future.

Book Christine to Speak at your event

Two day retreat

Executive Team or CEO

A facilitated experience that brings clarity, objectivity, fortitutde.

Make the hard decisions. 

Feel into the edges of the future.

Don’t be left behind

Syntropic Sprint

Business Reimagined

Syntropy + Exponential Technology

Maintain the Core Business while stepping into the edge of the near future.

Build for change. Be prepared. 

Create a culture of edge thinkers and do-ers.

If not? Will your business be relevant in five years?

Syntropic Stewardship Coaching



Develope your Steward Leadership capacity

Create self managed deliberately developmental high functioning teams

Apply the principles of Syntropic Enterprise

Discuss strategy, evolve communication skills

Become a better human, parent, partner, citizen

The greatest exponential technology is thoughtfully designed human relationships

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