*the longer you delay, the bigger the issue becomes, the more likely the conversation when had will be explosive. I have seen the unspoken be carried for decades. Imagine living decades with the weight of not speaking up as part of your every day?

*the energetic stagnation of blocking the flow of words and keeping them trapped inside will poison your own body, just as a blocked river becomes toxic. This may result in physical symptoms, insomnia, and general blocked life flow.

*you are harming the other person. They do not get the whole of you. They get the part of you that is sort of functioning, and the part of you that needs to have the conversation. This part is very toxic. The relationship will continue to become more toxic for both parties.

*this is your life. Is this how you want to live?

*you think you might be doing the best for the other, or your tribe, by not having the conversation, but more often than not you are doing more harm. They too might be suffering. They will definitely be suffering from your continued silence and the unsaid living like a giant black hole in your relationship. No one wins.

*your self esteem goes down. You find yourself in an endless cycle of wanting to have the conversation and then creating all the excuses in the world as to why you do not. Result…you do not trust yourself. Or respect yourself. You berate yourself for being gutless. The cycle continues.

*did I say no one wins?

*you will become a master at delay and excuses, and each excuse will keep you operating at half of your potential. At some stage you may even believe your own stories.

*you can never be fully alive when you have the weight of unspoken words contaminating your being. Ughh….never fully alive! Why live like that?

*you are declaring to the Universe that you are not worthy of living a whole life, where you carry zero burdens of unspoken words.

*you join the millions of people who live lives of quiet desperation, the walking zombies. Terrified by their own ability to speak up and make a difference.

The cost of not having the conversation is your life force and energetic flow, your well being and quite possibly the well being of the other.

If you simply cannot bare to continue in this way then speak up. There is no right time. There is only the choice.

I have written an ebook on Speaking the Truth. It will give you seven steps to process the pathway to having this conversation in a way that serves the other. You can buy it here. For $10 it just might save your life.

Photo credit: Ferran Jordà via Compfight

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