Coup des gens

A coup d’état is an illegal replacement of one political system by another. 

A coup des gens, the phrase used by Shoshanna Zuboff, author of The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, is the forced replacement of human beings by abstract information systems.

A coup d’état is, once in motion, evident to all.  A coup des gens is like a silent virus. Often we do not realise we have been occupied until the occupation is almost complete.

In our current model of wage labour, the endless production of almost entirely useless things to prop up an economic system that is built on the absolute requirement for growth to stay alive, to take humans out of this system by replacing them with machines is not the insult. 

The human mind has far more skills it might be free to attend to. 

The insult, and the new model of colonisation being perpetrated as our equivalent to Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, is the extraction of our interiors to be used as weapons against us, for the profit of a few.

The coup is so far advanced we will have a fight to get human sovereignty back. 

Step one is to become aware. 

July 7th 2019

Photo taken July 7th, 2019