Courage Age Life

The point of clinging tight to a belief, worldview, method, ritual, or activity…clinging so tight that all optionality is squeezed out.. is an act of stasis and, as such, is counter to life.

Life is dynamic, changing, movement. For life to exist we must move. Change. Engage.

As we get older, the temptation is to stay safe, locked into a world that might have worked for us for several decades.

This is to become old. To approach stasis and anti-life.

Perhaps we might become more courageous as we get older. Try new things, keep at learning. Live adventures. So many of us fear loss. Loss of what we have sacrificed so much for.

Did we sacrifice for the life we really want? Or have we invested years into accumulating stuff that reinforces stasis, aging us as a consequence?

Courage is an act of love to engage with life. To stay at the threshold of emergence, the cliff of the unknown.

We might fail. But we will fail and be alive. And then again, we might fall deeply in love with everything that can only be found at the edge, the place where life, change and emergence co-exist.

November 15th 2019

Photo taken November 15th, 2019