Is easy when what we seek is more important than ourselves.

A parent will run into a burning house to rescue a child, never thinking about courage, never thinking about anything but their child’s wellbeing.

If our work in the world is far greater than our limited self, if it serves towards humanity’s all-in wellbeing, then it is not courage that motivates, but love.

Courage is love, an act of the heart.

That which you fear to do might not yet be big enough. It is not motivation that you seek, but truth and a context far greater than your limited imagination.

To step on the stage and give your all, leaving nothing behind, might not require courage. Instead, it might require a recognition that your art, when given in totality to the world, is a gift that transforms lives for the better.

The question – are you able to find the larger context upon which your art, your gifts, your precious life needs a stage?

It is not the size of the stage, the shape of the stage, or the audience. It is from the well of giving your whole self to the world that magnificent acts that appear courageous arise.

November 4th 2018

Photo taken November 4th 2018