Creating space for safety 

Beautiful humanity is vulnerable. We have a soft inside, no matter what our story.

Everyone feels, everyone bleeds, everyone yearns for human touch. 

We want to be loved, to be seen, to be held.

We want it with our whole heart. 

Yet to call this yearning by name, to speak of our vulnerable side, the parts that feel broken, fragile, untethered…can be one of the most terrifying conversations we might have.

And so we stay silent. We lock our hearts behind a wall of protection. 

When a space for safety is created with deliberate and careful intent by others, we might finally be able to speak the raw of us.

To gift this space of safety to others is to gift ourselves for the creation. 

In our remembering of a human life, it is the moments of poignant truthfulness about our soft and raw that endures. The connections made when we can show up whole, naked in our vulnerability, and be held with love.

August 16th 2019

Photo taken August 16th 2019