Creation, generation, syntropy

Consider these words.

Create – arise, be born, to bring into being, to grow. To bring from zero.

Generate – to beget, to produce, give birth. A process of creation. 

While the distinctions are subtle, the nuance matters. The act of creation is an act of birthing from what previously did not exist. To generate is to bring the creation, already evident, into more manifest form. 

Regenerative is to return what was before. There is a restoration to the process. A restoration from destruction.

Syntropy is towards a higher order. There is a direction towards light. 

Syntropy, generation and creation are clearer when held in reflection to their opposites.

Syntropy to – Entropy – disintegration and decay. 

Generation to – Degeneration – breaking down.

Create to – Destroy – eradicate, kill, remove.

Photo taken June 10th 2022

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