Creativity is born through constraint

An extraordinary opportunity is upon us. The question is how do we respond.

For many enterprises there is a sudden halt in business. This is a massive test of resilience, leadership and choice making.

In some countries, like Australia, the government is supporting businesses to make it to the other side, taking at least part of the cash flow element out of the stress. 

For other countries, this is not offered. 

Creativity is born through constraint. 

The greatest innovation is often found at the point of impossibility and apparent lack of optionality.

There is a set of pre-conditions required for that creativity to emerge.

*The intention to find a way.

*The belief that a way through is possible.

*The willingness to work collaboratively and synergistically. 

*And the knowing that going back is not the way.

Being placed into a field of perturbation will result in transformation. We can choose to be an active participant in that transformation or a passive victim.

One invites our own power and sovereignty. The other affirms our victim status.

Enterprises now can do the work of transformation as active participants to ensure they emerge better, stronger and more prepared.

This is the opportunity. Celebrate the constraint or be at its mercy.

April 2nd 2020

Photo taken April 2nd, 2020