Cultivate Discernment

To be manipulated means to be handled skillfully.

The issue arises when we are manipulated without sovereign choice.

When elements seek to obfuscate, seduce and have us believe in untruths.

The tools of manipulation and the propaganda machine are more powerful now than in any other stage of history.

What is true? Are these our own thoughts? What is not being said?

Why do I want to believe this? This is perhaps the most penetrating question of all.

The mass of disinformation in our current geopolitical world is like millions of blood-sucking limpets attached to our body being.

It is not information that is missing, for we have more than we have ever had.

It is discernment. 

The intention and ability/willingness to ask hard questions, to dig deeper, to read across a wide net, to track our want for bias, takes work.

Now more than ever, do the work. Cultivate discernment.

February 8th 2020

Photo taken February 8th, 2020