Cultural Hegemony

Is when the common people internalise the values, structures, systems and oppressions of the elite ruling class as their own. 

These rules and structures become normalised and unquestioned. 

This occurs in most societies slowly slowly. Little atrocity by little atrocity.

While we are sleeping, or distracted, or working several jobs simply to keep the lights on.

At this time in human history, cultural hegemony is the culture – the air we breathe. 

We accept lying, erosion of a living wage, education, and health care. We are held to ransom when we do not pay our taxes or break a rule, all the while watching as the elite class does not pay taxes and gets away with corruption every time.

We must see that this is an act of hegemony – a dominating, silent, shifty power that works to favour the elite class.

The irony is that the term ‘woke’ appropriated from African Americans who coined it to keep people alert to racism and oppression, has been deployed as a weapon against actually seeing the cultural hegemony for what it is.

We must wake up and see the colour and effects of the water we swim in, the substrate of society. 

Photo Taken December 17th 2023