Cursing darkness or lighting a candle

At some point, we become aware that we have a limited number of days.

Our choice is to spend it cursing the darkness. Getting lost in Twitter feeds. Hating on the status quo. Re-arranging deck chairs on Spaceship Titanic. Getting the orchestra to keep playing as the Spaceship crashes…reassuring passengers that all is well…when indeed it is not.

Or, we can turn towards a future, and a world we want. We can activate the question….what world do we want to create? How do we create this world? What tools do we have? What tools do we need that we have not yet created? What assumptions and sacred cows do we need to challenge? Are there maps we can adapt? Or do we need new maps, new map makers.

Do we curse the darkness, or light a candle? 

Both darkness and light feed from either more darkness or light… we can be part of the change for a world with a future simply by choosing where to invest our time.

The option to light a candle, to turn towards a world with a future, is the purpose of Syntropic Enterprise.

December 30th 2019

Photo taken December 30th 2019