There is a beauty that occurs in the moments of our deepest struggle and suffering. There comes a point, a single moment, where we get to choose if we abandon ourselves or stay true.

Every single human will confront this choice at some time in their life, if not multiple times.

And when we are in the thick of it, when the Universe appears to be hitting us from every angle, we may have to choose to stay true a hundred times a day.

The moment we abandon ourselves is the moment we are lost. Others have more authority over us, or systems have more authority over us,  the job has more authority over us, money has more authority over us, drugs/sex/alcohol/food has more authority over us.

The path of any leader or entrepreneur is littered with moments where we will be tempted to abandon ourselves.

Endurance is when we can stand in the heat for decades. As did Nelson Mandela. As did this man in this most exquisite 4 minute video of love and redemption played out over 35 years.

Photo credit : Denis Collette via Compfight