Dancing with change is life

The nature of change has us go from stable and satisfied to questioning and uncertain. What was once solid and real becomes rocky.

As we exit the certain stable stage, the ground we walk upon appears to trip us.

If it is a deep phase state change, the ground we came to rely on for years no longer holds us. This is very disorienting and can be traumatic. 

There is a requirement forced upon us to try new things, open our minds to possibility, and let go of everything we cling to. While difficult, this change is often good.

As we begin to find a new order of stability, our identity, too, shifts. The person we were either blossoms into a greater wholeness or disintegrates into more fear.

When we cling to certainty, we deny the emergence of life. Everything is up for review all of the time. 

Dancing with change is life.

Photo Taken April 29th 2024