Dare to be naive. Cultivate environments of extreme learning

To not know. 

To be the novice. The beginner. To be in wonder at those who have mastered what you are beginning.

This is where the juiciness of life is. 

At the edge. The boundary of the unfamiliar.

Yet our education teaches us to be afraid of failing, falling. We shame and ridicule naive questions. We hold an aspiration for conformity, where the misfit is the exile.

The child does not need encouragement to learn to walk. Against the odds of gravity, uncoordinated legs, and immature balance, they take a step, fall down, get up and do it again. Usually smiling the whole time.

Dare to be naive. Rule your own world of creativity, the unknown, the unfamiliar.

If not, age young.

December 7th 2019

Photo taken December 7th 2019