Welcome to Dare to Care

Learn to speak the truth with compassion.


The quality of our relationships is essential to the quality of our life.

Communicate well and we do life well!

Speak truth to power well, every time.

Say no and mean it.

Ask for what you want.

Be a stand for what matters most.

Find your voice.

Give feedback that supports the best in people, even when it is hard to hear. 

Dare to Care!

Dare to Care!








Why Dare to Care?

Do you avoid conflict and confrontation? 

Have you ever diminished yourself because of your fear to speak?

Are you suffering because you cannot say no?

Do you long for relationships to be deeply connected, whole and real?

Do relationships at work or in your team or family exist as battlegrounds or black holes?

We live in a world where being held to account is rarely done well. 

Imagine your life when you know you have the tools to speak what needs to be said in a way that honours you and the other, every time. Where your team are free to do their great work unburdened by messy relational breakdowns. Where your words and voice become a transmission, creating what you most need, want and desire for a world with a future for all. 

 Many of us also care about something greater than ourselves. Our children, the future, our home planet, justice, the work we do for a world with a future? 

Do we Dare to Care to speak and act for that which we hold as worthy of our life force energy?


Move through that fear of speaking up, speaking truth to power, saying no and meaning no, saying YES with the whole of your being.

Heal relationships that matter

Clean up the nasty unsaid toxic relationships so you can live light

Find your voice, find your power, find your bold

Enable exquisite connection with people you care about

Find your true voice and speak with authority when needed

Become comfortable with your vulnerability

Handle conflict and upset with dignity and respect

Speak truth to power

Never be the person marginalised and exploited again

Dates for the next Dare to Care Workshop

For Australian Participants, commencing Tuesday April 2nd, at 9 AM or 5 PM Brisbane time
For UK Participants, commencing Tuesday, April 2nd at 8 AM for 8 weeks, 90 minutes per week.

For European Participants, commencing Tuesday, April 2nd at 9 AM for 8 weeks, 90 minutes per week.

For USA and Canada, commencing Monday, April 1st at 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST, 8 weeks for 90 minutes per week.

All LIVE by Zoom.


A personal note from Christine

I created Dare to Care – Radical Truth with Compassion – over 20 years ago, delivering it throughout one of Australia’s biggest banks to support performance management and team building. It was so loved by people that it was requested to be delivered at all levels of the bank.

As a result of Dare to Care peoples lives have been changed for the better, relationships that seemed broken have been repaired, and families have come back together.

How do we communicate with care? How do we stand for things we care about? How do we support the best in ourselves and others? 

How do we communicate respectfully when we are in situations where we feel care is missing from ourselves or the other?

When we lose the conversation and relationship with our work, we lose our meaning in work.

When we lose the conversation and relationships with our friends and family, we lose our connection to joy, happiness and intimacy.

When we lose the conversation and relationship with ourselves, we are lost.

The Dare to Care workshop provides powerful, practical tools to ensure our conversations are spoken with care, respect, radical truth and the generosity of wholehearted courage.

Whether you apply these tools and skills to your personal or work life, or to the conversation with yourself and your work, you will be enriched for learning them.

When we Dare to Care well, lives are better.


George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Many leaders rationalize that people know what they mean or want without clearly speaking it. Communication can inspire or deflate, connect or deflect, and keep us small in our positions and life when our hearts want more. Your program can open minds, hearts, and the courageous guts of for us all.
Marcia Reynolds

Best Selling Author – USA

 “Communication and human connection create the foundation for any enterprise. Challenges that arise can be faced with greater compassion, clarity and courage with the tools that are offered in this course.

Kelly Watkin
Musician @ Educator – New Zealand
“A caring business owner with a long-term vision would be ill-advised not to invest in such a workshop”


Professor Michael Friebe
Investor – Germany
“Incredibly well researched in its relevance and practical application. The workshop became a game changer for me because it inspired me to nourish clean, lasting connections and relationships and see how many new opportunities these bring.”


Aurica Pripa
Health Policy  – Belguim

This is the beginning of an amazing adventure

What is included:

Online learning portal accessible in full on registration –

All modules, models, tools and resources are available immediately upon registration. Watch in advance or access after graduation.

8 modules delivered live over 8 weeks each for 90 minutes. Each class unique and taylored to the class experience and needs.

Opportunity for questions and answers during the class. A Certificate of Graduation on Completion. Build a community of global practitioners.

A 70+ page Playbook – with all the key points, slides and resources

Packed full of exercises, resources, extra models and tools, questions to ponder

Access to Syntropia – our digital house

  • A private room for your Dare to Care Cohort
  • Access to other rooms filled with models, case studies, tools created by the community
  • The opportunity to meet others from the Syntropic community
  • Advance invitations to events
  • And much more…

All classes are recorded in video and audio format if you miss a class

Video recordings are available to replay within 24 hours after the class

We have a private podcast channel you can access on your favourite podcast app to listen to the audio recordings.


A taste of what we cover
Clean Communication
Working with others ensuring there is zero residue of emotional upset, blame, attack, judgement, ridicule or denial of equal access.
7 Step Process to Speak the Truth
A self-inquiry process before a conversation to ensure you show up in the best way possible to serve the other and the most dignified outcome for all


Staying Present to the Conversation
To stay present as the conversation unfolds is a gift of powerful listening dignifying the speaker. How are we able to stay present when the emotions and stakes are high?


Accountability and Responsibility
To hold each other and ourselves to account and accept our responsibility is requisite for any healthy team, family or enterprise. 


Handling conflict
If you are conflict-averse we give you tools to ensure you stay in your body|being through conflict. If you are comfortable in conflict we give you tools to be sure the conflict flow is facilitated towards resolution.


Being comfortable in silence
Silence enables truth to emerge. To be able to stand in our own silence and the silence of others with ease gifts the opportunity for often acknowledged or unrecognised truths to emerge.


Acknowledgement and Feedback
To give acknowledgement and feedback is a skill and art form. We teach you to do both with elegance.

Our Pricing

We are committed to supporting access to the Dare to  Care Workshop. We offer the classes in four currencies. The most affordable currency is the Australian Dollar. If you are in Australia, or if you have a genuine issue with paying for the Dare to Care Workshop, choose this option. If you can afford to pay in your currency, please do, as this supports those who either cannot and those who receive a scholarship.

On Demand

Purchase here

$195 for instant lifetime acccess

All the modules

Take your time

All supplementary material

A certificate on completion

Access to Syntropia House

Questions answered in Syntropia

Pay in Full

Purchase here

875 for 8 weeks, 90 minutes per week, live by Zoom

Live and interactive classes every week

Students from around the world

Ask as many questions as you desire

Repeat the class as needed

Certificate upon completion

Access to Syntropia House

Payment Plan

Purchase Here

175 per month for five months, 90 minutes a week, for 8 weeks, live by Zoom

The same class as Paid in Full

Payment management without penalty

Use this option if you cannot pay in Full

Select your currency

Please Pay in Full if you are able

Still have doubts if this is for you?

Will it work?

There are many choices available as we learn to become better communicators and as a result better parents, partners, collaborators and citizens.
The difference that makes the difference with Dare to Care is we start with the inner journey.
How are we showing up for ourselves first? How does this translate into communication, even without words, to others?
True communication is the response we get. If the response we are getting is not towards a better relationship, what do we need to do to change how we communicate?
How do we hold the other, no matter our judgements or opinions of them, with the greatest dignity we can muster?
Every tool and skill we teach in Dare to Care translates into every form of relationship, be that at work, at home, or in the community.
Ultimately we get to have better and deeper connections, become comfortable with our own vulnerability, to be better leaders, parents and partners.
Connection. Care. Strong relational bonds.
These are the outcomes of the practice of Daring to Care.


Because relationships are the foundation of human existence we believe Dare to Care is extraordinarily valuable. You have access to the Online learning portal ongoing to review any part of the Dare to Care workshop. The opportunity to also become a part of the Global Syntropic World community as a graduate is priceless.
We do offer scholarships to those who are deeply committed to the Syntropic Dare to Care journey yet cannot afford the payment plan. Please email us if you would like to apply for a scholarship or alternative payment plan.

Too overwhelming, Not enough time?

Yep, we get it. Our task as people who care deeply can seem incredibly overwhelming. We work with Kairos time – time in harmony with Universe. All the material is there for you to access at any time. The Community can be there for you when the time is right. There is no pressure.
The richness of Dare to Care comes through your fellow participants and their experience, contributions and questions, which is why we encourage attendance to the LIVE sessions.



If you have a question that we have not answered, please email hello at syntropic.world

What happens as soon as I register?
Exhale. We have got you. You should receive a confirmation email with immediate access to the Online portal, plus the downloadable calendar and access to Syntropia – our digital house.  Please check your spam if the email doesn’t arrive. If you cannot find it, contact us.
Can I bring my team?
Absolutely. This is the best way to experience the Workshop. We have special rates for teams of three or more. Please ask.
I cannot attend all of the Live Online classes. Are they recorded?
Yes, all of the live online classes are via Zoom. Everyone enrolled will be sent the link to the recording after the class has been held for that week.
Do you offer scholarships?
If the price is an issue for you, please contact us, and we will discuss dignified options that value all parties and make it easy for you to attend. Email hello at syntropic.world
We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?
If you want to align your team, restore a team to a much higher order of synergy, and create cultures of responsibility and commitment, then YES.

Did we mention our 14 day risk free guarantee?

We are confident you will see the value of Dare to Care – Radical Truth with Compassion, however, if you have completed weeks #1 and #2 of the Workshop and do not believe this is for you simply reach out and we will refund your investment.

NOTE: A 10% GST will be added to the price.


You agree to follow community guidelines and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program without permission. If the material is in the Creative Commons you may share with attribution.

You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other participants and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties unless permission has been granted.

To protect the space and each other, participants who do not uphold these requirements may have their access to community spaces or participation revoked.

Agreements for all Syntropic Masterclass and Workshop Participants

The experience of the Syntropic Classes is a collective one. We practice synergy, where everyone is better for the experience of participation.

This means we hold a clear intention for each individual to have a rich and valuable experience of the class while also contributing to the greater experience of the whole.

Therefore please respect the opportunity for everyone to speak. Be precise and concise with your questions or comments.

Questions and insights are encouraged.

Check in with yourself before you ask a question or make a comment that your questions and comments will be valuable not just to you, but to the whole.

When you raise your hand (either physically or via the button) Christine will invite you to unmute. She will do this in a way that ensures everyone has a chance to speak and contribute. You may not always be invited to unmute and speak if you have previously done so and others have not.

If you have an issue raise it either in the class or with Christine directly.

Disrespect, severe disruption, or comments made that are not in the context of the class, will be addressed using the principles of Clean Communication. Resolution of any issue of disrespect or disruption will be raised privately.

Passionate about a world with a future, enterprise design, prosperity with integrity, zero exploitation, zero extraction to extinction, zero colonisation. 





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