Dare to Care

Speak the Radical, Vulnerable, Hard Truth with Infinite Compassion in Support of the Integrity of People and Causes You Care About.






8 weeks online live.

Speak to serve integrity in yourself, others and our collective future.

The quality of our relationships is essential to the quality of our life.

Seek to understand, be clean with all of your communication, say no unless it is an absolute yes, honour contribution, hold silence, manage expectations, dance elegantly with conflict, adapt your words to dignify those receiving them, be your word, clarify boundaries, serve integrity in all things.

Dare to Care!

Listen till you no longer exist

Clean Communication

Want for the other their very best expression

Dare to Care!








Why Dare to Care?

Dare to Care provides the tools, models and skills to be able to speak to that which we care for and about in a way that dignifies and honours the other.

Most of us know we have behaviour or beliefs that do not serve the best of whom we know we are.

Often times these behaviours or beliefs are hidden from us. We do not know what we do not know.

Many times we are aware of them yet have managed to get away with these limiting behaviours or beliefs. 

We live in a world where being held to account is rarely done well. 

If we are honest with ourselves we would acknowledge that if we have a person or people in our life who CARED enough about us to point out our behaviour, to hold us to account, to invite the best of us to become evident, then we would want that SO LONG AS this person did not shame or ridicule us. If they cared enough about us to not care so much about what we might think of them in that moment, knowing that they are speaking with care and respect for US as their primary motivation.

Many of us also care about something greater than ourselves. Our children, the future, our home planet, justice, the work we do for a world with a future? 

Do we Dare to Care to speak and act for that which we hold as worthy of our life force energy?



If our relationships are not grounded in care for each other what is the point?

Clean Communication



Work and live lite


The Truth will set us free


Even if it hurts first

A personal note from Christine

Dare to Care – Radical Truth with Compassion – was created by me in the early 2000s and delivered to thousands of people in banking and finance in Australia and New Zealand.

It was designed to support the strong and compassionate delivery of performance feedback in a corporate setting.

However, it is much more than that.

Our relationships are the very glue of human existence, whether that is our relationship with ourselves, the relationship with others, the relationship we have with our work, or the relationship with things, Earth and her creatures.

Most humans care deeply about something. Care is a relationship.

How do we communicate with care? How do we stand for things we care about? How do we support the best in ourselves and others? 

How do we communicate respectfully when we are in situations where we feel care is missing from ourselves or the other?

When we lose the conversation and relationship with our work, we lose our meaning in work.

When we lose the conversation and relationships with our friends and family, we lose our connection to joy, happiness and intimacy.

When we lose the conversation and relationship with ourselves, we are lost.

The Dare to Care workshop provides powerful, practical tools to ensure our conversations are spoken with care, respect, radical truth and the generosity of wholehearted courage.

Whether you apply these tools and skills to your personal or work life, or to the conversation with yourself and your work, you will be enriched for learning them.

Dare to Care is about strengthening our relational bonds through our communication and communion.

We welcome you on this journey.


Christine stands out for delivering real behaviour change in an industry noted for it’s focus on intangible measures. As a demonstration of her value, at the end of the company sponsored program “Dare to Care,” a number of the participants chose to keep working with Christine and to pay for doing so from their own pockets. It is worth reflecting on how many times you have actually seen that happen.”Mark Tod, Stramit (previously with ANZ bank)

“Excellent class and impeccable leading! Christine, you modeled so many powerful things for me. I felt the strength and effectiveness of your direct style and incredibly complete presence. I also appreciated how real you were – naming the areas individuals needed to grow, in a clear, neutral way. Your incredible integrity shone through. Thank you!!!!!” Ramsay Drew Steward

This would have to be the best course I have attended at ANZ. The course content was relevant and the presentation excellent. David McIntrye. ANZ

DARE TO CARE and you will have the tools to…

Transform defensiveness and blame

Build cultures of accountability and responsibility at every level. Leave behind powerlessness, justification, blame, sanctioned helplessness

Make requests, manage expectations, challenge assumptions and eradicate ambiguity

Start with clarity. Speak as  transmission. Stand for something greater than self, enabling requests to be uncontaminated by ambiguity, manipulation or coersion.

Manage all forms of conflict resolution

Whether you are confict averse or conflict comfortable we can all find a better way to stand in the heat of untethered emotions, blame, judgements and critisism. Learn to understand first.

Set the context for the most difficult conversations

Context provides the space and place for a conversation. If we seek an exceptional outcome that dignifies all parties we need to be sure to establish a safe, respectful context.

Speak with vulnerable strength

The ability to be vulnerable is a strength. There is a fine line between vulnerability and maintaining clear and strong boundaries. Openness doesn’t mean being too ‘nice.’ Radical Truth with compassion requires a greater care.

Say no as a complete sentence

Learn to say NO and mean no. ‘No’ doesn’t require a story, justification or excuses. Learn to stand in the clarity of ‘No’ with respect and dignity.

This is the beginning of an amazing adventure

What is included:

Online learning portal accessible in full on registration

All modules, models, tools and resources are available immediately upon registration. Watch in advance or access after graduation.

8 modules delivered live over 8 weeks each for 90 minutes. 

Opportunity for questions and answers during the class. A Certificate of Graduation on Completion. Build a community of global practitioners.

A 70+ page Playbook

Packed full of exercises, resources, extra models and tools, questions to ponder

Access to Syntropia – our digital house

  • A private room for your Dare to Care Cohort
  • Access to other rooms filled with models, case studies, tools created by the community
  • The opportunity to meet others from the Syntropic community 
  • Advance invitations to events
  • And much more…

All classes are recorded in video and audio format if you miss a class

Video recordings are available to replay within 24 hours after the class

We have a private podcast channel you can access on your favourite podcast app to listen to the audio recordings.


A taste of what we cover

Clean Communication

Working with others ensuring there is zero residue of emotional upset, blame, attack, judgement, ridicule or denial of equal access.

7 Step Process to Speak the Truth

A self-inquiry process before a conversation to ensure you show up in the best way possible to serve the other and the most dignified outcome for all


Staying Present to the Conversation

To stay present as the conversation unfolds is a gift of powerful listening dignifying the speaker. How are we able to stay present when the emotions and stakes are high?


Accountability and Responsibility

To hold each other and ourselves to account and accept our responsibility is requisite for any healthy team, family or enterprise. 


Handling conflict

If you are conflict-averse we give you tools to ensure you stay in your body|being through conflict. If you are comfortable in conflict we give you tools to be sure the conflict flow is facilitated towards resolution.


Being comfortable in silence

Silence enables truth to emerge. To be able to stand in our own silence and the silence of others with ease gifts the opportunity for often acknowledged or unrecognised truths to emerge.


Acknowledgement and Feedback

To give acknowledgement and feedback is a skill and art form. We teach you to do both with elegance.

Beautiful Extra’s

We love giving gifts

How to Start a Syntropic Enterprise

A simple primer to get you started. The core principles of how to start a Syntropic Enterprise are covered

Speak the Truth

An ebook on the 7 Step Process of Speaking the Truth

The Syntropic Trust Manifesto

The enterprise architecture that enables people to work together synergistically towards a purpose they care about.

Dare to Care enough about others to speak the truth; creating stronger relationships, enhanced interpersonal skills and a culture based on respect, responsibility and truth. 



Your investment. You have options.

We offer four currency options. $US, $AUS, € Euro and £Stirling. Choose the currency closest to yours. This is based on trust and your ability to pay. The $AUS is the most affordable option.

An Australian Goods and Service tax is added to each payment.

Dare to Care Workshop


Dare to Care Workshop


Commencing September 19th in Australia and Europe

Monday 19th September at 5 PM AEST, 9 AM CET

8 weeks, 90 minutes per week

Still have doubts if this is for you?

Will it work?

There are many choices available as we learn to become better communicators and as a result better parents, partners, collaborators and citizens.
The difference that makes the difference with Dare to Care is we start with the inner journey.
How are we showing up for ourselves first? How does this translate into communication, even without words, to others?
True communication is the response we get. If the response we are getting is not towards a better relationship, what do we need to do to change how we communicate?
How do we hold the other, no matter our judgements or opinions of them, with the greatest dignity we can muster?
Every tool and skill we teach in Dare to Care translates into every form of relationship, be that at work, at home, or in the community.
Ultimately we get to have better and deeper connections, become comfortable with our own vulnerability, to be better leaders, parents and partners.
Connection. Care. Strong relational bonds.
These are the outcomes of the practice of Daring to Care.


Because relationships are the foundation of human existence we believe Dare to Care is extraordinarily valuable. You have access to the Online learning portal ongoing to review any part of the Dare to Care workshop. The opportunity to also become a part of the Global Syntropic World community as a graduate is priceless.
We do offer scholarships to those who are deeply committed to the Syntropic Dare to Care journey yet cannot afford the payment plan. Please email us if you would like to apply for a scholarship or alternative payment plan.

Too overwhelming, Not enough time?

Yep, we get it. Our task as people who care deeply can seem incredibly overwhelming. We work with Kairos time – time in harmony with Universe. All the material is there for you to access at any time. The Community can be there for you when the time is right. There is no pressure.
The richness of Dare to Care comes through your fellow participants and their experience, contributions and questions, which is why we encourage attendance to the LIVE sessions.


Change is hard

Which is why we do it together.

Deepen Connections



Real relationships based in truth and care. Communities of FLOW, where the relational dynamic is clean and clear.


Healed relationships


No more unspoken feelings; no more shame, guilt, rage, frustration, fear.


What happens as soon as I register?

Exhale. We have got you. You should receive a confirmation email with immediate access to the Online portal, plus the downloadable calendar and access to Syntropia – our digital house.  Please check your spam if the email doesn’t arrive. If you cannot find it, contact us.

Can I bring my team?

Absolutely. This is the best way to experience Dare to Care. We have special rates for teams of four or more. Please ask.

I cannot attend all of the Live Online classes. Are they recorded?

Yes, all of the live online classes are via Zoom. Everyone enrolled will be sent the link to the recording after the class has been held for that week.

I can only attend one day of the live in-person Dare to Care

If you can only attend Day One we can make exceptions. It will not be possible to attend Day Two without attending Day One.

Do you offer scholarships?

If the price is an issue for you please contact us and we will discuss dignified options that value all parties and makes it easy for you to attend.

We are a well established business. Is this relevant to us?

If you want to (1) create a culture of accountability, responsibility, care and love (2) ensure people develop their own leadership and communication skills as they work with you (3) allow the best opportunity for ecologies that enable synergy (4) enable a deep sense of humanity as the shared experience in the work place without falling into saccarine ‘niceness’  (5) create a culture of joy and coherence?  Then YES.

Is this for individuals or business owners or leaders?

Dare to Care is designed for individulas, teams, whole enterprises, partnerships, community groups and families. Ideally we get a diverse mix in each Workshop, which enables a higher degree of co-learning.

How do I access the materials?

Your registration email will include instructions about how to access the Online portal, and Syntropia, our digital house. We have a short video to help you navigate the experience. If you are still stuck, email support@syntropic.world

Why we offer Dare to Care in 4 currencies

As an Australian, I am tired of paying for courses and events in $US or £ or € where my money is nearly halved. At the same time travelling to Europe the costs in Euro are similar to the costs in Australia for the same things, without the currency conversion. We wanted to make this a more fair exchange. This is based on trust. If you are a US citizen and you want to save yourself one-third of the fee, that is your choice. At the same time, if you can afford the full fee in your currency that means we at Syntropic World can continue to invest in advancing tools and models for a world with a future.

What are the exact time and date details for the September Dare to Care?


Monday September 19th at 5 PM AEST.

For Europe, UK, Africa, Asia

Monday 19th at 8 AM UK/Ireland, 9 AM CET, 10 AM Tanzania

8 weeks, 90 minutes per class completing 18|19th July.

On registration you will be sent a calendar that you can download into your own calendar that will adjust to time zones.

Did we mention our 14 day risk free guarantee?

We are confident you will see the value of Dare to Care – Radical Truth with Compassion, however, if you have completed weeks #1 and #2 of the Workshop and do not believe this is for you simply reach out and we will refund your investment.

Dear friends,

Everyone knows the pain of miscommunication, being misunderstood, or failing to manage expectations.

We know the feeling of being judged, criticised, exploited, rejected and ridiculed.

We know the longing of wanting to fit in, to belong, to be a part of something with others.

We know we often get in the way of ourselves. We want to be HELD to OUR BEST, with love and care.

We want to work with others on projects we care deeply about and do so in an environment that allows the best of ourselves to be present.

We want ecologies of TRUST.

The quality of our relationships is the foundation of a quality life.

To be able to speak, communicate, request, negotiate, listen, understand, invite, enrol and commune with elegance and grace is a lifelong journey.

The tools and skills learned in the Dare to Care workshop will become foundation tools for your better life, your greater leadership, for profoundly rich relationships.

We would love to welcome you, please reach out if you have further questions,



NOTE: A 10% GST will be added to the price.


You agree to follow community guidelines and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program without permission. If the material is in the Creative Commons you may share with attribution.

You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other participants and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in our group spaces with other parties unless permission has been granted.

To protect the space and each other, participants who do not uphold these requirements may have their access to community spaces or participation revoked.

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