Data is currency

In a world where all value is reduced to a monetary measure – how much is it worth? – we neglect to see the swirling network of complementary currencies.

Indeed, it appeases the financial elite to keep the majority of humanity broken down under the burden of money as the decider of value. A 2020’s version of slavery and exploitation. 

A complementary currency as described by the wonderful Bernard Lietaer is when we take an unused resource and an unmet need and marry them together in exchange.

For example, an under-utilised transport system and unsorted garbage. Trade sorted garbage for a token to get access to the transport system.

When we begin to see the world through a myriad of complementary currencies, rather than be beholden to the mono currency of money, we suddenly discover the abundance that has always been there.

We also begin to recognise the different currency flows we have already.

Data is currency. As is time. Energy. Love. Hate. 

Recognising that we have the ability to feed the world – there is no scarcity of food or energy – we, the people, can undo the shackles of belief that keep us poor of mind, body, spirit and monetary flow. 

But first, we have to see and know the cage we are in. The key to exit is a mind shift, followed by action.

Photo Taken July 6th 2023