Today April 18th, at about 1.19 pm, I said enough. No more. I am done.

I am done with living in fear, and scarcity. I am done with feeling like there is something wrong with me. Like I don’t have the money gene. Like life is hard. Like I have to work so hard to make ends meet.

I am done with these things. I held a little funeral for these thoughts…inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s released today book, The Firestarter sessions, (buy it) I wrote down everything I have had as my script on scarcity for 51 years, and I burnt it. There is no going back on this one.

When I was 27 years old I did the same thing with thoughts I had around my body image that had dominated my life for 17 years. I simply stopped allowing these thoughts to occupy real estate in my being.

After my funeral pyre, I made a vow. Well, three vows.

Here they are.

1. Mutiplication by division. This is one of Buckminster Fullers generalised principles (natural law, true in all cases). My voice of intuition has been speaking to me for the last few years to follow this, but no…I have been too fear based to listen. So, from today, every dollar that comes into my bank account will be divided. Money aside for tax, and savings, and for gifting, and for me.

2. Refuse the old thoughts. “Be gone!” as Wayne Dyer says. And as he posted today on his Facebook page.

“It matters not how long you’ve been stuck in a pattern that’s kept you from fulfilling your highest ideal of yourself. By shifting so that you restate who you are in your imagination and choosing to live from this perspective, you will achieve that transformation.

Every time these thoughts and feelings enter my space, loudly or by sneaking through the cracks, I simply dismiss them, and replace them with….

My life is joyous and easy (feeling this)
Holy shit…wow…my life has exceeded every expectation I have had. (feeling this…how it feels to have this thought)
I really know how to handle money. Got that one sorted. (and feel it)
I just seem to attract the most amazing fabulous work around the easily. (yep…feel this one too…)

And my personal affirmation that took a DAY to uncover back in the 80’s when I did the Insight advanced program. This little affirmation was the switch I used to get me from my body/eating obsession.

“I am a powerful, joyous and loving woman, accepting myself and others.”

I have probably said this mantra over 1 million times in my life. It has worked for me before. Time to dust it off and shine it up for round two of some serious heavy lifting.

3. To acknowledge the amazing miracles that land at my feet when they happens through the day and night. Today for example, two phone calls, out of the blue, one from a good friend who offered me a gift, and another to set up 2 major speaking gigs in November, just when I had declared to myself that I am going to become a great speaker.

Just to be clear, I need to pull a rabbit out of the hat. In the next 24 hours. To cover bills. I have no idea where from. Zero, zip nada idea…and I am working my little butt off to create..but there is no fear. Only certainty. And enthusiasm. And yesness.

I have a plan. A strategy. And I am going to do it.

This blog was given the name, Guinea Pig C (for Christine), living in integrity against the tide. I am going to write a daily post about this for next 30 days…see if I can pull this off…get the gods to align, the miracles to land, and for this pattern that I have struggled with for so so so long, to be complete. Gone. RIP.

Want to play? If you are ready for the jump off the precipice and say enough, no more, and make a vow to what you want…join me…share in the comments, or on FB, step up, there is more power in numbers….and I would love you to ditch the nasty bag you have been carrying for years..

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