You know the feeling, 10 or more balls in the air. Deadlines. Inbox stuffed to the gunnels. People asking you for the extra odd commitment.

Sleep starts to suffer. Pulse rate up. Can’t sit still. Wild energy flowing chaotically through your veins. Skitzy type of energy. Wired.

The moment our energy systems get fragmented, unable to align and focus, we are inviting trouble. This condition is both unsustainable and associated with poorer decision making skills and ineffectiveness.

Rest becomes essential. But few heed its call. Instead we heroically try to push through.

This last few weeks, and especially the last few days have been energy systems overload. Brain full.

Today was a day of rest. NOT thinking. Walking outdoors, sleeping, drifting. Not reading anything that required focused attention. Novel time. Magazine time. Play time.

Yes, there are 1000 things to do. But they can wait. Taking this day will immediately reduce the 1000 to about 5. Clarity and alignment will be restored. The answers to the nagging questions will arrive, effortlessly.

We all know this is true…and yet fight its practice.

Your business will be better for it. Your life will be better for it.

Take the day off. Go to the beach. Day dream. Its exactly what the business needs.


Photo credit: Christine McDougall, Tralee, Ireland, Co Kerry

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