Deaths of Despair

When we become lost. 

Lost to the conversation about what matters most. The greater conversation about our why in the world. Our why of the world. The extraordinary mystery of things that keeps us humble. The reason we put our feet so resolutely on the ground each morning and take that first step into the day.

Lost to the conversation with others. With the trees, the sky, our beloveds. The seemingly tenuous thread that weaves us all together is lost to the connection.

Lost to the conversation with our own identity, our who, our oceanic depths. The magnificence and simplicity of our very existence.

In our loss, terror. Hopelessness. Despair. 


The endless on endless compounding. Easier to numb than to speak of. 

Death beckons peace.

Beauty, to be present to beauty, is a portal through. 

January 29th 2020

Photo taken January 29th, 2020, by Natalie