Delicious words

Words are some of my favourite things.

Consider – with the stars. To think and feel large, to take the perspective from the stars looking down on all that is happening.

Reverence – a deep and abiding respect. Imagine a world where we acted with reverence towards all life?

Discipline – despite unto the self. To honour self as an agent worthy of respect.

Integrity – wholeness. Integer. To hold the shape. To be in integrity is to be coherent, aligned. No confusion of signal to action.

Sufficiency – enough. Not wanting or needing. I love this feeling of sufficiency.

Emergence – to bring forth, to bring to light. Bucky Fuller would say we emerge through emergency. 

Syntropy – together towards transformation.

Word combinations that take my breath away are like discovering an uninhabited beach.

From Rumi – there is some kiss we want with the whole of our lives.

Delicious words tell stories carried by the etymological roots of their crafting. Equally dangerous and potentially harmful words do the same. 

Consider the word impact. To push into, strike against, drive into. 

I am not sure we want to create an impact as we move from a world dominated by a patriarchal, military-industrial complex. 

Perhaps instead, we might desire to synergise. To work together. 

Photo Taken October 21st  2023