Mad rapture…the experience of holding rapture and a touch of temporary insanity together simultaneously.

We humans…how can anyone ever think we can upload consciousness into a machine? We are the crazy ones able to be delirious with happiness, to hold that complexity and still manage a conversation.

We might do some really horrible things as humans, but it is our extraordinary capacity to be brilliant, endlessly compassionate, wildly creative and insanely awesome that has me love humanity and its jumble of unexplainable.

In my delirium, I sing like the birds and care not what others think. For a crazy moment, there is only love.

Be delirious with me today as the Universe and its beauty is all we see. Perhaps this is the healing of the world, and ourselves. To turn towards the good, the true and the beautiful?

August 9th 2019

Photo taken August 9th, 2019