Delivering on our promises

*Only make promises you intend to keep

*Therefore examine the promise with rigour before you make it. Ask questions like…Do I absolutely know I intend to keep this promise? Is there any part of me that is lying to myself and others about this promise? What am I willing to do to keep this promise? What am I not willing to do? What will I do when it becomes very hard for me to keep the promise? What is the side effects of me keeping this promise, the collateral damage?

*If it becomes apparent that you are unable to keep a promise, let those who will be affected know at the earliest time

*Consider promises you make to yourself with the same level of diligence as you would promises you make to others

*If you need accountability, ask for it. Build accountability into the design of your promise

*Only make promises you intend to keep

February 9th 2020

Photo taken February 12th, 2017