Denial is easy

To deny. To refuse to accept of acknowledge.

Denial is easy. Easier than to confront. 

Confront. To stand in front of. To face.

Denial is easier than looking inward, backward, or forward. 

For to see is to know and when we know, we cannot unknow.

Denial needs stories to keep denial possible. Conspiracy stories will suffice. A tribe of conspiracy peddler’s can provide a helpful shield for denial to continue.

We are at a time in human history where the attempt to deny the myriad of atrocities our ancestors have committed is becoming harder. 

So we burn and ban the books.

We seek to eradicate truth to keep the illusion alive.

As soon as one group sets themselves up as being superior to another, we open the door to extermination. Even the act of banning the books affirms a belief in superiority.

The thought that my God and my religion is the only way to heaven is another.

Healing and freedom come when we confront. Face the truth. Bow our heads in the pain of it all. The massacres. Genocide. Eugenics. Nazi Germany was but one instance of so many.

It has been estimated that up to six million women were burned at the stake during the witch hunts.

And millions more have been extinguished through colonisation.

We must examine in every way the ways we separate and make ourselves and our tribe superior. 

Confrontation does not mean going back. 

To confront is the beginning of healing and moving into the future better together.

From honest and whole confrontation we then step forward as humans. All equal. Yet also different beautifully.

Towards an increased well-being for Earth and ALL her creatures.

Confrontation is the first necessary step.

Photo Taken November 22nd 2022