Design for good

As I gaze across the Pacific, its waters lake like on this morning, the sun not yet cresting the horizon, I think about people.

Almost everyone I meet wants to do good. Good work, good art, good citizenship, good parenting, good relationships.

The artefact of life, mostly constructed by humans, has the ability to take the desire to do good and turn it upon itself. Our capitalist system, economy, what we measure, how we educate, the labour market, finance, land ownership…

When people are given the opportunity to show up in their brilliance, to raise their voice, offer their skill and their heart, knowing they will be revered and respected for their contribution, not exploited and extracted from…we see the gloriousness of humanity.

We need to design for this as the outcome. We need to design for humans to be able to bring their best.

This is entirely possible. As architects of the future, we get to choose. 

June 11th 2019

Photo taken June 11th, 2019