Different types of exhaustion

We can be exhausted from spending all of our physical energy. We might recall this from being a child, running around for hours then crashing. I adore this feeling. There is an honesty to it.

We can be exhausted from emotion. Grief. Fear. Anxiety. Even laughter. Wrung out.

We can be exhausted from thinking too much about big subjects beyond our current normal. A kind of exhaustion I recommend.

We can be exhausted from living a life that is not the one that our Soul calls for. Many people currently are experiencing the bone-deep fatigue from a forced stopping. 

And we can be exhausted from holding the space for ideas, projects, enterprises, events to be born. This is a whole being type of exhaustion, akin to a breath-holding, where, once the project is done there is a river of exhale.

May 21st 2020

Photo taken May 21st, 2020