Digital loss

I took this photo of the sunrise this morning, as I often do. I was alone at the time, midway through my morning run.

I sent it to my beloved, to share the moment, as he could not be with me this morning.

I marvel that I can send it, share it, allow people to experience a moment of beauty through a digital capture.

But the fabric of sharing, that together the experience of being there in the moment, this between our shared experience, digital, invisible space, cannot replace this.

Nor should we want it to.

Technology can do many things. I love that I have friends around the world that I stay connected to for hardly any cost.

Technology cannot replace the liminal, the interstitial, the field, the air, breath, emotional contours…it cannot replace the gaze, the touch..the ever so slight nuance of our expression.

What ever is the animating force of life, which certainly does not end at the boundary of my skin, will never be reduced to a zero and one. 

It is the hubris of the human mind that believes we can capture, contain and replicate the multidimensional, transcontextual, muti-sensory life. 

The mystery of the liminal, the majesty of the field of gravity, the sense of awe we have when in the presence of beauty, shared experiences…this is to live life love.

November 5th 2019

Photo taken November 5th, 2019