Dignity starts with the knowing that all humans, all creatures, have rights to existence, that our simple nature of being means we are all to be treated with the respect of existence.

In an advanced civilisation, where we are ‘civil’ as a society to all humans and life, there is a set of rights to existence that might form the basic framework of that society.

What are those rights that extend dignity to all humans and life on Earth?

The rights to safety, healthy food, water and air, health care, education, and the opportunity to be valued simply for existence would be a wonderful place to start.

The moment we reduce a human or creature to an object, a number, a means, is the moment we strip dignity from the relationship.

Let us commence with dignity, respect, and the rights of existence as the foundation for the society and world we are co-creating. 

January 3rd 2019

Photo Taken January 3rd, 2019