Directed Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion, one that needs to be carefully curated as an expression of our being.

Used with consideration, it is an important emotion. It has a generator function, which means simply that it will charge us to act. It is one of the few emotions that will generate action against odds, and for a purpose beyond self. In its immature state, that action is reflexive and inappropriate.

Applying emotional intelligence to our anger requires that we place a gap between the raw visceral first cut of anger and its secondary potential towards an evolutionary purpose.

Considered directed anger about actions taken by people and the enterprises they are charged to lead is becoming of increasing importance.

Not to debase the human but instead to call attention to the violation and debasement of others and Earth through their actions.

In our silence we become complicit.

Directed considered anger can partner with love. They are not opposites. Together they can move mountains, change the course of history and restore compassion to those who have forgotten the experience of compassion.

July 19th 2019

Photo taken July 19th, 2019