To distinguish, perceive, sift through…

What is real, what is false, what is projection, obfuscation, seduction?

Imagine our bodies, our vessels of being in the world, are akin to a high frequency radio set.

If we practise listening with senses not yet acknowledged by traditional science, we hear, taste, see, touch, sense…disturbance in the field.

We hear the flavour of fear being spoken, we taste projection of someone’s own insecurity onto a project, we see lies as they are spoken.

We register the disturbance in our own body being field, and have the wisdom to ask if this is our own self-violation of integrity, or we have allowed another’s pattern to inhabit and interrupt our own.

The practice of tasting truth is a lifelong art. Our vessel of attunement requires constant refinement. 

April 9th 2019

Photo taken April 9th, 2019