Do the ends justify the means?

Some of our standard platitudes need cross-examination. Indeed, we might cross-examine our core beliefs on a regular basis.

Think of a belief you held as sacred ten years ago that you no longer believe. Knowing that we change our minds and beliefs is the doorway to humility and open-heartedness. 

Humans do terrible things in the belief that the ends justify the means. 

Perhaps this platitude is an example of a lack of imagination and will. 

It is the lazy way out. 

Holding a question with intention creates a field for solutions that are not available anywhere until the question is asked. This is the miracle of questions.

Next time you hear yourself or another say, “The end justifies the means”, and the means has a terrible price, pause. Ask a better question. Hold the space for an answer. Practise the discipline of waiting, asking and intention before you rush to the doing.

If the means are terrible for al-life then the ends rarely justify the means.

Photo taken January 16th 2023