Do we ever tire of beauty

Do we ever tire of beauty?

Do I look at the sunrise and get bored? 

Some days, like these glorious midwinter days when the air is cold and the sky is clear, the sunrise might look similar from day to day.

Yet I am as excited as a child each morning as the beauty unfolds before me. 

There is nuance. Shifting sands. Ocean patterns. The gathering of gulls.

And then, beauty. Enough beauty to stun my being into submission. As I stand catching the moments, there is a part of me that you cannot see, on my knees, bowing in awe. Weeping with delight and joy.

It is the same when I look upon my lover’s face. Some days fatigue is etched. Other days, contemplation. Yet the beauty of his soul comes through and some part of me is again on my knees, bowing in gratitude and weeping with joy and love.

Photo Taken June 24th 2023