What if there is more than enough for everyone? And you not only believed it, you lived it?

In an earlier article I talked about our societal enmeshment in the scarcity principle. We are so caught up in the model of scarcity without even knowing that we are caught.

Fear of our own security and protection, and of having ‘enough’ drive most of our thinking, acting and being. The tragedy is that this fear is so ‘normal’ we do not even know we are in it.

In my life so far as I have worked to release myself from the grip of the illusion of scarcity, I have had good days and bad days.

Good days are days when I am connected to source. I feel positive, optimistic, and I see abundance.

Bad days are when I have fear running. There is not enough…money, time, love, years, sleep, time, money…did I mention those?

Last week I thought about this question…

What if there was more than enough for everyone? More than enough food, air, water, time, love, money, sleep, safety, comfort….?

This then raised the next question…is it true that there is enough?

Well, lets look at that.

Is there enough time? Yes…we get to choose how we spend our time doing what matters. The illusion of not enough time is simply an illusion. If you have 15 minutes to get ready in the morning it will take you 15 minutes. If you have an hour, it will take you an hour.

Is there enough energy? Yes…despite the propagation of fear around our energy supplies, we have more than enough energy from the sun and other renewable resources to give every person on the planet more than they will need. The gap between our technology efficiency is diminishing every day.

Is there enough money? Yes..this is a really interesting question, and in my unequivocal answer of yes I have to give a bit more detail to a quite complex issue. At one level, if you think of money as the stuff (mostly electronic) that circulates the globe every day, is there enough for every human on the planet to live well? Certainly. Some hundreds of trillions of dollars, which is so much that no one really can grasp it.  Problem is that the money gets pooled in a few places, and doesn’t really circulate. When we sit on our foot for a while and then stand up, our foot doesn’t function because the circulation has been cut off. Similarly, pooling money in a few places on the earth body doesn’t allow healthy function. We get stagnation, decay and breakdown in certain areas.

Money also gets directed to other places with questionable value, like the money spent on weapons of killingry. If this money was directed towards livingry, as Bucky Fuller would say, hunger would be solved world wide in a matter of weeks.

And if we took responsibility for out health, that would also free up huge amounts of money to be directed to other areas that are in need.

So there is no shortage of this stuff called money.

To get just a little more below the surface of this issue, if we look at what we do on a day to day basis that adds value to the world, is there enough value to be added that warrants an exchange of value? In other words, do you do work that adds real value? (Moving derivatives around the world on a computer does not add real value.) If you are working at something that adds value to others, then there is always the place for exchange.

How about food? Is there enough food? Certainly for some people in the world there is not enough food. However, that is not because there is not enough food globally, but that there is not enough food locally. Again, the system is stagnated. In parts of the world we are dying of obesity, in other parts we are dying of starvation. We criticize the Wall Street bankers for greed while the middle and lower class suffer, but are we any better? We stuff our faces with too much food while our cousins in other parts of the world die of hunger. Is this not also greed? As is stuffing our faces with food that has little to no nutritional value and becoming unhealthy. Just another form of greed.

And water, is there enough? Again, in some places water is a scarce resource. But when we finally learn to manage our resources in a respectful and healthy way, we have enough water. Bucky created homes in the 1940’s that managed on several liters of water every day for all house hold chores. Its not the lack of water that is the issue, its our carelessness in its use.

What I began to realise as I thought about this question was that there is enough. The key  is to stop thinking locally only, and to start to consider our global actions.

At a global level there is enough money, food, water, energy….we do live in a sufficient Universe. Sure we need a game change, but there is enough.

The scarcity principle is a myth of seeing ourselves as isolated, as individuals competing for. When we step back and look at the whole, starting with Universe first, we see that there is enough. That if we work together, collaborate, share, care for each other, there is more than enough.

Does this collaborative and comprehensively considerate action allow for creativity, individualism, personal success, entrepreneurialism? Is there a space for this? Yes…there is so much to learn, and explore and discover about how we inhabit our earth in a way that is sustainable for all. There are so many wonderful things we have yet to create that will enrich lives everywhere. It is time for the biggest hit of creativity innovation ever. But this doesn’t mean that I get to create and you get to go hungry.

And before you jump to conclusions, I am not talking about socialism here. I am talking about something that allows creativity, entrepreneurialism and such, but without the gluttony, and certainly without it costing others their health, money, environment and livelihood. Truly, how many cars, or houses, or TV’s , or ?? is enough for one person?

Scarcity is based on win/lose. I win, you lose. I eat, you go hungry.

Sufficiency is based on win win win. I win, you win, the family, the nation, the environment..wins.

Having considered all of these questions I decided that I do indeed live in a sufficient and abundant Universe. There is enough, more than enough.

Now the question gets down to the next level, below the scarcity and into my worthiness.  Do I allow myself to experience enoughness? No just intellectually, but in an embodied way? Am I worthy of enough?

I will keep you posted on this one. Let me just say its a big one.

In the mean time, I ask you to really consider that we do….you do…I do…live in a sufficient Universe. If this is true, and you really do believe it is true, how will you show up differently?

How would you act, think, believe and behave differently knowing that there is enough?

And what area do you feel the most lack? Love, money, time, sex, security, friends, intimacy….?

Do ask yourself of this is true…really true that there is lack in this part of your life?