Does beauty capture your attention or are you distracted by fear

When this photo was taken three years ago, I did not know that I would;

Spend many months in a deep and dark place, with a longing to not wake.

Meet the most remarkable human who has become my love and my partner in all of my life.

Create Syntropic World

And do so many of the things that have been the precession of these three major events.

Wisdom would teach us that we never know when our lives will change. For the better, or worse. 

From left of field, a miracle. From left of field, a life-threatening event.

To be present to Beauty of Beginnings is to be present to the offer of each new day. In every day, beauty, joy, wonder….. Truly a practice.

Where are you looking? And what captivates your attention? 

March 18th 2020

Photo taken April 7th, 2017