Don’t aim to be the best be the only

Don’t aim to be the best, be the only, is a quote from the remarkable Kevin Kelly.

I learned to live this quote the hard way. 

For most of my life I tried to be a carbon copy of someone else. Or a facsimile of many others smushed together. 

I refused to honour my own value, walking over it with disdain, blind to my multiple technicolour gifts. Others seemed to offer so much more than I had. 

Yet my gifts needed time to grow and mature. I needed to be the person who could embrace every element of myself, the smooth and rough, the refined and broken.

Because to be the only is not to be perfect, it is to be fully, wholly self.

No two snowflakes, waves, or grains of sand are the same.

To be the only is actually easy. We already are. Now it is time to embrace it.

Photo Taken May 2nd 2023