Don’t be afraid of who you are

I was born with spitfire in my bones. According to my mother, my first words where not the usual love sounds made to my mother or father. Rather I was seen hurtling down the corridor in a high speed crawl after my elder brother, spitting, hissing and swearing.

Anger, a close relation to passion, is part of my DNA. I am not afraid of my anger. I do not fear the part of me that finds herself, all five foot one inch of me,156 centimetres, between the bully and the victim.

I have had to learn to be sovereign to the coiled snake that lies quietly most of the time in the shadows of my psyche. To rule it, instead of having it strike with anger reflexively. Sometimes I fail at doing this, less now than in my youth.

I know that this part of me is vital to my whole being. The energy of anger, when under the conscious control of my sovereign self, is incredibly useful. It has me get off the couch and actively engage with what I perceive as injustice. To not be the one complaining. To not be the victim. It is anger and love that has me speak truth to whom or what cannot or is not to be named.

Humans are complex. We have oceans upon oceans of emotions and expressions within us.

Their expression, in immature form, can and probably will cause inadvertent or deliberate damage.

To truly stand in our wholeness, the full spectrum of our being, is to learn to take all of who we are and be masters of our expression, loving all aspects of us, never afraid of the most powerful expression we have to give in service to that which is greater than self.

It is a life’s work.

Photo taken December 28th 2019