Drama Hook and Pity Pit

Might be an excellent name for a band. Sadly, it is a state of being that is commonplace.

Too many of us play the Drama Hook. The game goes like this. 

Your life is a constant drama. If there is no drama, you create it. Then you get to bask in the story of the drama of your life, a story that cycles on repeat with only time frames, contexts and character changes. The energy hit comes from the endless attention you get from the drama.

The Drama Hook is closely related to the Pity Pit. If you love the Pity Pit, the tragedy of your life requires everyone’s pity. 

Both the Drama Hook and the Pity Pit require at least two players. The one in the drama or Pity Pit, and the one that feeds them to stay there.

If we track the energy inputs and outputs, it goes something like this.

DH/PP takes energy from the story of the drama. They build a parasitic relationship with the person/people caught in the web of the drama.

The prey are often energised by rescuing/saving/being in servitude to the DH/PP.

The cycle is self feeding.

It is not easy to see the cycle. To know you are either in the web of the drama, or the person living drama and pity as a way of being.

Questions you might ask to determine if this is relevant to you.

*How much drama is in my life or the life of my friends?

*Do I love drama in general? Gossip, trashy magazines, reality TV?

*Does my sense of my own value increase when I help/rescue/save someone?

*Is there any part of me that is the victim? Word of warning…the victim is extremely cunning, and will hide in very dark places, directing the traffic of your life with the skill of invisibility.

If you have Drama Hook and Pity Pit people in your life, very strong, very loving boundaries are required. 

If you live the Drama Hook or Pity Pit, consider that it might be time to write a different story that allows you to be the source of your own energy and direction. Circumstances irrelevant.

*There are many legitimate victims of drama in life. Many of them choose not to sink into the story of their drama as an energy source. Rather, they use the drama to elevate their being. To live the Drama Hook and Pity Pit is a choice. It has little to do with circumstance.

January 13th 2020

Photo taken January 10th 2020