Drama polarises a vanilla life

Drama creates noise. It puts us at the centre of attention.

It stops us from dealing with things we do not want to deal with.

It floods our bodies with addictive hormones. That rush…

Drama polarises a vanilla life. “I am so bored, there is no edge here, no polarity, so I will create it.” Most of the time we do this unconsciously. The affair, the crazy purchase outside our budget, the gamble, the accident.

Our world stage is crowded with experts in using drama as the tool of persuasion and distraction, for getting attention.

Our movie theatres are packed with the drama of the heroes fighting Armageddon.

For peace to exist we need to consider polarity by design. We need the edge, the constraint, the interplay of hard to soft, light to dark, dawn to night.

Not vanilla, not same same. Not drama as an immature reflex.

Consider the drama that reoccurs in your life. Instead of this, how might you consciously design tension that enables your best to arise? It is in that space of tension, the place between the light and the dark, that the juiciness of creativity emerges.

January 26th 2019

Photo Taken January 26th, 2019