I learned a new word yesterday. Edenic. Relating to or characteristic of the Garden of Eden. Idyllic. Unspoilt.

I read it in the context of a desire to return to a life in some fictional past where everything is Edenic. I would imagine in many contexts, Edenic would include a power differential between Adam and Eve. There is an evident desire in the world of populism for this type of power differential to be restored. 

Interesting thought that, on the same populist fronts, there is less care for the environment. The desire is not to actually return to an environment that is unexploited. Unspoilt land is not the point. This naive, progressive, regressive narrative has a more selfish intent, and it is often anchored in a colonial impulse with romantic undertones. The rugged male. The Wild West – a place to be conquered and won. A simple black-and-white world where men were men and women were women. No shades of grey. 

Forget, though, the inhabitants that existed until this time. People who had maintained the Edenic state of the land for thousands of years. Forget the wisdom of the land stewards. Forget knowledge that the Western mind has no neurobiological capacity to comprehend.

The yearning for some simple, fictional past is a fantasy. The jack-in-a-box cannot be put back. 

In remembering the horrors colonisers have inflicted, in truly being present to the truth of the means of our wealth in multiple domains, is to begin a journey to an Edenic World. 

Only then might we weave a future honouring Earth and all her creatures.

Photo Taken July 8th  2023