Elemental – to be in our element

What does it mean to ‘be in our element.’

Most of us know the feeling of being so at home in a place, an environment or in applying a skill that all else disappears and we drop into the ease of flow.

It is as if our cells breathe in harmony with everything around us. The gentle breeze of life blows through us, a kind of disappearance into, yet simultaneously we shine more brightly to those around us.

In our elemental place, we cannot help but shine. We, in our ease, become light. 

Effortless, grace-filled.

To see a fellow human or animal in its element is to behold extraordinary beauty. Captivated are we by the non-separation, the timelessness of being.

We yearn for this place. There is a longing to find it…to live it.

It is not a place to occupy all the time. Our elemental craft and home require care, attention, learning, apprenticeship.

Yet to exist without being in our element on a regular basis is to starve our soul of its mana, its essential nourishment.

We become emaciated, soul desiccated. The living dead.

To design human affairs in a way that squeezes out the possibility for all humans and life to be in their element is not only to strip out the beauty and brilliance that is unlocked when people are in their element, but it is also to create a crisis of meaning and existence that has a large cost. Suicide and ecocide, disintegration of families and communities…

My prayer is that one day soon we will awaken from the spell that says life as machine, life as commodity, life absent beauty, is the way we do things.

We will turn instead to honouring the beauty and brilliance of all living things, the significance of each…to applying our vast ingenuity in designing places and spaces for all humans, beautiful life, to flourish, flow and contribute from their elemental home.

January 5th 2020

Photo taken January 5th 2020